Devan races deep into the jungle, as his plans go to blazes... literally! He opens the gates of the inferno, unleashing demons, devil dogs and more to exterminate the rabbits of Carrottus for good! Do the Jackrabbit brothers have what it takes to overcome their nastiest foes yet, defeat Devan Shell once and for all, and get back to Carrottus before tea time? For the sake of rabbitkind, let's hope so!

Fun fact: This episode image is another popcultural reference. The Funky Monkeys logo text is very similar to the font used in Nintendo's classic Donkey Kong. It is likely that Nick Stadler got some of his inspiration there, and the other half seems to be taken from a Bugs Bunny (Looney Toons) cartoon--at least, there are quite a few scenes like this in them!

  1. Thriller Gorilla
  2. Jungle Jump
  3. A Cold Day In Heck
  4. Rabbit Roast
  5. Burnin Biscuits
  6. Bad Pitt