They are back! Supercool rabbit Jazz and his crazy little brother Spaz will gang up for Christmas 1998 to have a wild and wacky time on your PC. In these Christmas levels of the PC hit Jazz Jackrabbit 2, our favorite rabbits have brand new adventures in cold, snowy landscapes, where there are many evil enemies.

Fun fact: Holiday Hare '98 was technically both the first and last add-on to be released, as it was released twice. It was released once before and once after The Secret Files: Late 1998 in the United States, and early 2001 in Europe. In Europe, it was called "Christmas Chronicles." It contained some different artwork and had a third playable character, Lori, who was also featured in The Secret Files.

  1. Snow Bunnies
  2. Dashing thru the snow
  3. Tinsel Town