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January 20, 2001


Here you can find some programs for jj2 but the most important are instructions about how to create jj2 tricks like MCE’s, SCE’s… If you would like to know what are those visit this site and make sure that you have jj2. PROCEED WITH CAUTION, lol!


aiko on August 01, 1994 04:00 6.5

“Stonghold: Jazz” is a pretty good J2 site in my opinion. It has a lot of useful information on those mysterious MCE’s (;-) and loads of neat Flash animations.
I dislike the “Cheats” section though. Not a good idea. Same with the anti-password programs in the downloads section. Please remove them quickly, Overlord!

Everything else on the site is definitely worth a visit. At least it’s the best slovenian Jazz site so far :-) (visited 21-01-2001)

defalcon on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.0

Not a bad site, nice layout, good content.
Nice site detailing STE’s. It had 2 that I didn’t know.

SPLASHcc on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.0

a hell lotta FLASH over there!
the site has way many options and contains all kind of cool stuff about jazz2 thingies
no need for words..use your eyes!

a nice 8

Gargoyle on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.7

Only i woudn’t make it full-screen, and the writing could be bigger.
I suggest you change the white lines to blue lines or green lines.

KJAZZ on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.5

This site is really nice, and has some cool tilesets made by the creator (They are goooood)
and if you are feeling relatively evil, has some Anti-password programs (They’re not really a good idea*)

The flash animations are REALLY COOL (I doubt Overlord is really that good =)

Lastly, it should have more downloads.

*Aiko, the TSF only one is a dead link.

EDIT (5/20/02): Yes, I know this was a long time ago, but I feel that it should deserve a higher rating. I got the password remover before it went down.._ but I won’t use it. It has many useful programs and good tutorials on MCEs. And I think it deserves an 8.5 instead of whatever my old grade was. :D

wimster on August 01, 1994 04:00 7.5

Nice flash applications…well done.
And a lot of usefull/helpfull stuff on this site.
Some fonts are hard to read because of their color against the backgroundcolor.

Cell_old on August 01, 1994 04:00 9.0

This is definitly one of my favorite sites.
When i`m reviewing this, the anti-password
program is already gone. Btw, i hope overlord
finishes rabbit honer guard- the frotress soon!

JazzyR on August 01, 1994 04:00 7.0

Nice Site! A lot usefull Stuff and a good Flash animation! :p

Wazz Wackrabbit on August 01, 1994 04:00 10.0

A neat site at all.

I was there, and I think
it’s worth a look.

See it to understand my rating.

BúññyÉlmérTšb on August 01, 1994 04:00 9.0

Very good website!

Gecko on August 01, 1994 04:00 9.7

This site is cool!I really like the jazz boss though people have used it even before overlord did. I found one of those in a level pack from jazz 2 city while it was alive.

Darkshadow on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!
The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information.

Access to this site will be restored within an hour. Please try again later.

Geocities is the best.

OM2004 on May 09, 2007 00:43 9.7

I think the website is great.
Good layout
Great amount of info
Great files to download

This is what I thought before the website went down… I just saw it earlyer today, so I hope it’s back soon.

Slaz on December 20, 2008 20:07 N/A

Is this site down? Though the site is pretty old, the content was very informative even for todays knowledge about the game..

Test on March 12, 2011 15:04 N/A

You can’t visit this site because Geocities is closed since October 2009.

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