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February 27, 2001


This site is fully dedicated to Lori Jackrabbit, the beautiful bunny from The Secret Files. Everything you ever wanted to know about Lori you will find there. All Lori, only Lori! :)


aiko on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.0

LC is definitely one of the best Jazz2 sites around. DrJones from the Netherlands focusses on our cutie Lori (“Piece’o‘cake”), great Downloads (LC has all the levels from Alienator’s dead UniverseJazz, not to forget all music modules from Jazz2 in their original format) and Fan Art (drawings, comics and the like).

I visit it weekly and you should do the same! :-)

JazzyR on August 01, 1994 04:00 8.5

Yeah Lori central! I like this Site about the cute yellow bunny! Every day I look there for new Comics of Lori Live or Mind wasted!!! Oh yeah I like this Site!!! :)

joey on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

Huh? Site under construction? The site is not ready man!!!

Bjarni Cool on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

joey is right! Only picture of Lori and “I will been back at soon :-)” not more! It is for finnsh not unfinnish!

BúññyÉlmérTšb on August 01, 1994 04:00 N/A

I dont like the website realy i dont
but the layout is ok i also dont like the collor but the website is aobut lori :p

(Unjustified rating removal. -Trafton)

DoubleGJ on August 01, 1994 04:00 9.5

Aiko, only weekly? I visit it almost everyday waiting for something new! Which doesn’t happen very often lately. :(

Medivo on March 31, 2007 20:01 10.0

All Info Lori is cool

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