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9 Jul 2001 at 21:48

Private messages done

The private messages are (somewhat) done. You can send and receive private messages with our new system from now on. Deleting messages isn’t finished yet. If you find annoyances or bugs please notify me.

Lack of reviews

There has been a lack of reviews and reviewers. If you download a level, please review it afterwards. The authors (usually) spend quite some efforts at making you happy. Make them happy! Review their levels if you download them!


There has been quite some cheating going on with the system. All offenders will be demoted to low status for a unspecified amount of time. Cheating is rating your own levels, registering multiple accounts to rate your own levels, telling your friends/family to rate your levels with high ratings, and so on. You know if you cheat. You will also find out the consequences of cheating if you cheat.

- Fquist


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