The future of Lori Central

7 Mar 2003 at 17:25

Source: Haze’s Hideout
DrJones posted the following message on both Lori Central and the Lori Central Forum:
There hasn’t been anything new since october as things got quite hectic on me, and Haze as well. But, with this month being the month in which the domain expires, I would like to hear from you all if it should be kept, or discarded along with the rest of the website. We would like good VALID reasons. Of course, at the same time, we’re keeping an eye open for anny applicant who would like to run this site. All the requirements that we ask is: being trustful, knowledge of HTML and PHP and enough free time to keep working on it..
He wants input from you people. If you have an idea, post it!

- FQuist


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