Blurred's CTF Contest Results

8 Mar 2003 at 19:54

Source: JCF Thread
Quoted from Blurred’s post:
After the voting stage of my contest, there was a tie between FireSworD’s Termite Haven and Flash AND UNHIT’s (I made an exception, so sue me) Rather useless CTF. After declaring myself the panel of judges (due to the stress of the contest), I decided to make the final vote for Rather useless CTF. But don’t be discouraged, FS; your level wins the prize for the Most Original Level. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for your submissions.
You can also download the submission level packs here:
Contest Entries
Congratuations to all of the winners and a special thanks goes to BlurredD for organizing and supporting contests like this.

- Bobby aka Dizzy


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