According to the topic here, Shadow GpW has officially announced the first Jazz2Online Capture the Flag 4on4 clan tournament. While details are not yet fully available, plans are beginning to form. From the post:

Welcome to the very first Jazz 2 Online World Championship CTF 4on4.

First of all: We are currently working out on some good and fine rules ( The rules are far from done, it also needs some favomaps and needs some user rules imput to fine-tune it all for your needs. Give out your call and we will talk about it, how you want it. Your voice is our change they say

Ofcourse we have an IRC Channel. This one is at QuakeNet (#jazzjackrabbit) easy to remember and easy for the people that aren’t known of it. Because in this tournament we need your ip’s to validate if your not a merc/fakenicker. And actually play for a different clan or team. We will look pretty strict on it.

We will also look for CupAdmins and/or extra Supervisors as a help for me and the Jj2 scene. This will be announced how/what and when later on.

Final thing is. What can you win from it is pretty neat I say. You don’t only win the offical title. But the winning team can also win some JJ2 Swagg and autographs of Cliffy B and Arjan Brussee. Now thats cool isn’t it?

So when does it start? We expect to start this in march. But it can also be a tiny bit later. Depends on the people that gives me the swagg.

A new forum has also been created for this. You can view this forum here. Finally, there is also a logo contest; you can read about that here.

- Trafton


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