This affects all versions of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 that have installed the list server add-on.
All users are advised to download the former patch available at:
This bug was discovered by Violet, and also later by AvK. The jazz executable reads and as only one list server and only tries to access one of them. This bug wasn’t originally a serious problem as the whatever list server JJ2 uses, they both mirror each other. However, at the current moment, the US list server has gone offline, meaning some users of this patch may currently have difficulties joining and hosting games from within the jazz executable. Many game launchers like JazzForce are not affected, nor are users of the original list server patch (url above).
Work will be going on into why this bug exists, and if there is a work around. Until then all users are advised to download the original patch.
Sorry for any trouble caused, this bug has never seen before and therefore no one knew this would happen.
Best Regards,
- The Jazz Jackrabbit 2 List Server Team.

- Bobby aka Dizzy


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