Magical Girl Miracle ★ Lori

1 Apr 2016 at 08:32

A bit of news from the localization team on the smash hit Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair prior to the game’s Steam release in a couple weeks: for better cultural fluency among non-Japanese players, pivotal Dungeonromper 2 character “Usami” has been replaced with our own Lori Jackrabbit. Earlier reports from the Dingdongroomba 2 playtesters indicate that Lori is happier than ever in the Dandannoodle universe: she has wings now, which helps tremendously with her historic problems with jumping.

There are also rumors that all references to “murder,” “kill,” “slaughter,” etc. within the Dungenessrhubarb 2 script have been replaced with “roast,” but this detail remained unconfirmed at press time. Nonetheless, a petition has already been started in protest of the possibility of the idea of localization altering a game’s content and has gained upward of 13,000 signatures.

- Violet CLM


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