Live Jazz Jackrabbit Music Performance

5 Mar 2018 at 18:53

Last month there was a Jazz Jackrabbit event in the National Games Museum in the Netherlands. With some suprising revelations such as a custom Jazz Jackrabbit 2 arcade machine but the event also hosted a cover band ‘Floppy Ears and the Big Guns’.

Ofcourse there are recordings of the LIVE music performances. The first of 7 video’s are now online and new ones will be added every Monday at 17:00!

If you want to see more and want to be updated, feel free to like and/or subscribe. Bartjaah’s aka Dosgamert YouTube Channel.

- Bartjaah


Slaz on 6 Mar 2018 at 14:22

Very cool, thanks in advance for sharing these!

PT32 on 6 Mar 2018 at 16:29

This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

Jelly Jam on 6 Mar 2018 at 21:10


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