Let's talk about Guardians

9 Aug 2019 at 18:34
Which of CliffyB’s unfinished game ideas do you find most interesting?
DragonFlies 6 votes (25%)
DogWalkers 1 vote (4%)
Donuts 12 votes (50%)
Radical Heights 5 votes (20%)
Total votes: 24

Next up, as part of our celebration of Jazz Jackrabbit’s 25th anniversary, it’s time for a JJ1 poll! When we asked about the best JJ1 episode overall, Ballistic Bunny was the winner. But what if we’re just talking about Guardians, or “bosses” as some may call them? Who’s your favorite? Here’s a refresher video if you need one.

And while we’re on the subject, check out the Silver Jubilee CTF Contest! cooba is giving you until September 1st to create a large CTF level using a JJ1 conversion tileset. Click through to read the rest of the rules and get yourself jazzed up to participate!

- Violet CLM


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