Dutch newspaper FD publishes Arjan Brussee profile

12 May 2020 at 01:58

A month or so ago Dutch financial newspaper FD published a profile of Arjan Brussee, programmer of both Jazz games (and many other games). It’s in Dutch, and only spends a few sentences on the Jazz Jackrabbit games, but you may nevertheless find it an interesting read (Google Translate does a decent job with it). It also stars Michiel Ouwehand/van der Leeuw, who also worked on Jazz Jackrabbit 2. This is an amusing quote from him about Brussee’s work on later games:

Van der Leeuw: “The code he made was so rancid that we spent years replacing it.” Van der Leeuw nevertheless speaks with appreciation about Brussee’s contributions. “‘Can’t’ doesn’t exist for Arjan. Even if he doesn’t understand something, he dares to step in and ask stupid questions.”

The article is behind a login wall, but you can register for free.

- Stijn


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