New JJ2+ release (5.8)

23 Apr 2021 at 06:22
JCF thread

A new version of community patch Jazz Jackrabbit 2 has been released, this time with a focus on addressing bugs and feature requests from the JJ2+ issue tracker, as well as some multiplayer command stuff and some progress on the endless project of further optimizing tile/sprite drawing. Read more here or simply download it directly.

Besides the usual range of topics in the issue tracker that players are encouraged to reply to, to show their interest in having this or that issue addressed, I’ve posted a few calls looking for people to help with future JJ2+ additions, one general and two specific. The JJ2+ team is not at its most fully staffed right now, so it seems worth discovering whether there are people in the community who would be up for helping with certain development tasks (in ways that don’t require writing C++).

- Violet CLM


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