JJ2+ updated

1 Mar 2023 at 07:02

Download here

JJ2+ version 5.11 is out on all platforms! Head on over to ModDB for the highlights, as well as a list of our opportunities for testing, volunteering, and issue reporting.

- Violet CLM


FabiAN[NC] on 1 Mar 2023 at 23:54

hi all :)

im so much thankfull for the new jj2 plus update!!

about the "wall bug":
it make me happy to see that your guys was able to fix it!!

i know a other wall bug:
if you walk to a wall with a short entry then it can happend that you get stuck into the wall and if the player is moving, then he goes more and more into the wall and is stucking
for example: i often had this problem on a maze
it often happend if i was walking to “triangle tiles” and back
then i got stuck,and if the player is moving then he goes more and more into the wall

about the upcoming jj2+ updates
how about to make a /command to fix the unlimited blaster ammo?
i mean: it would be great if the blaster ammo would be NOT unlimited
maybe enemies, or boxes could spawn "blaster ammo" out? then a player could take it and get blaster ammo but the player should get more than +3 blaster ammo for 1x item pickup
maybe +16 blaster ammo for one pickup

how do you think about it?

and anyway im so endless much thankfull for your new jj2+ update and your work to make the game better!! :)

Violet CLM on 2 Mar 2023 at 04:54

Hi Fabian, the mask triangle bug has so far evaded my efforts but you’re welcome to post about it in https://issues.jj2.plus/ like suggested!

For blaster ammo, what you’re describing could be achieved with a mutator. Start by taking a look at jjWEAPON.

Slaz on 2 Mar 2023 at 11:44

For limited blaster ammo, I recently uploaded a level "Jungle Town" that utilizes this concept. Well, it limits ammo to 1 but feel free to alter it and make an actual blaster ammo pickup that behaves like other ammo pickups.

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