JDC starts in an hour and a half

22 Jun 2024 at 17:00
JDC Website

The opening event for Season 33 of the Jazz Duelists’ Challenge will start in an hour and a half. JDC events happen in passworded JJ2 servers: to view the password you’ll need to log in to the JDC website.

Tomorrow’s Race event starts in twenty-four hours. Because players benefit in Race in particular from knowing the layouts, the levels for the event are already available for download. Keep checking the JDC website for more events in the days to come.

For newer players: JDC is an ongoing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 tournament where people play against each other, solo or as a team, to gain points. Points are also available in free-for-all events.

You can play against whoever you want as long as they are also signed up with JDC, and you can play against them whenever you want. You can do as many or as few matches as you want. You don’t even need to play matches at all; many people participate in JDC just for the events which are hosted regularly.

The JDC website also features highly detailed statistics on a lot of things, and is almost entirely automated. Users are expected to submit their own matches to the site and are trusted to be honest with their submissions. The administrators do their best to ensure everything stays that way.

- Violet CLM


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