Downloads section updates & some suggestions

12 Jul 2006 at 00:10

Negativity in reviews
Please be reminded that the reviewing system we have in place on Jazz2Online is both for showing what is worth downloading to visitors, and for providing constructive criticism to the creators of uploads. The second part gets forgetten sometimes. Let us try to be constructive and polite, and not post reviews such as “I can’t believe I wasted 5 seconds of my life downloading this. This was TERRIBLE!!” and be constructive instead. Reviews are not for shooting down ideas and people, but for working together to create quality.

New download admin
Cooba has been promoted to downloads section admin. He will help and take care of keeping order in the downloads section and removing bad reviews and downloads. Hopefully, he can contribute to the quality level of the downloads section and encourage positivity. We’re off on a good start: the initial idea for the above message about negativity in reviews was his.

New algorithm for helpful reviews
The downloads section code has been adapted to use a new algorithm for calculating the helpfulness of reviews. Reviews that have no votes at all will now be listed above reviews that have gotten negative votes. These reviews will have a negative helpfulness rating from now on, and will move down the page. For quality reviews, the algorithm should work the same.

Macro uploads
Several macros have been uploaded to the downloads section recently. Macros are not really very special and might clutter the downloads section, so unless there’s very good reason to upload them, please do not.

Please make sure zip files you upload are valid, and can be opened with regular unzipping programs, like for example Windows XP’s zip functionality. If a file you upload does not have its contents displayed on Jazz2Online, it might be wise to try over or try another zipping program.

The other way around, it is suggested to use WinRAR to open up zips that you can not open properly. Some zips that people complain about are valid zips and can be opened.

- Fquist


n00b on 12 Jul 2006 at 00:16

Excellent, cheers all around.
Love the new algorithim idea (at least from it’s description)

Birdie on 12 Jul 2006 at 01:28

Does it also delete reviews if they get to a certain point where they have lots of negative points?

FQuist on 12 Jul 2006 at 01:52

No, it does not, but hiding (not deleting) reviews when they reach a certain point is something that we might implement in the future.

n0 on 12 Jul 2006 at 04:41

Congrats to Cooba

FireSworD on 12 Jul 2006 at 05:01

First of all, Congrats to Cooba. Second of all glad that the admins are taking prime interest in review quality, which should improve due to theese changes. However the changes will not ultimately nor absoloutely end the aspect of ‘bad’ reviews in the future, and probably nothing will, just thought I’d clear that up.

Cheese on 12 Jul 2006 at 05:09

I think there should be a new section altogether just for macros, so it won’t do too much of the cluttering business.

CrimiClown on 12 Jul 2006 at 10:41

Congratulations, Cooba. This will hopefully improve the quality of the reviews written.

As for the other news, I’m really delighted about the new Helpfull Index ratings. That should help to encourage people to downvote (and maybe report) poor quality reviews.

Good job, guys, on to a brighter future!

Jimbob on 18 Jul 2006 at 02:05

Yes, I agree with Cheese.

SPAZ18 on 31 Jul 2006 at 07:25

I have stopped posting negative reviews now. I also edited any negative reviews that were still remaining.
Congrats to Cooba for becoming an Admin! :)

Philip1992 on 10 Aug 2006 at 17:33


cooba on 11 Aug 2006 at 13:17

Uh, thank you all, I guess.

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