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16 Apr 2007 at 00:41
JCF Post

Popular tileset creator Blade, recently in the news with the announcement of his currently in progress 13th tileset, Castle of Cadavers, has started up a weblog dedicated to posting inside information on the design process of his new tileset and information on how the old tilesets came to be:

However, this blog is not all about Castle Of Cadavers. I plan to go through also my old tilesets one by one, and tell many interesting things about them you haven’t even imagined before. One upcoming topic will be the Blade tilesets before the Aztec set (It’s actually my third tileset! ;))
If you intend to get started with tileset creation, or you already have, this new blog might be a good resource for learning how a professional does it. Otherwise, it might just be cool to read how some of your favourite tilesets have come into being. So, do drop by!

- FQuist


PurpleJazz on 22 Apr 2007 at 19:11

Blade made tilesets before Aztec? Awesome!

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