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2 Jul 2007 at 13:19

Featured Download of June

Well, this month didn’t have many good uploads. I was hoping for some, but too bad. Maybe they’ll come next month. We had some musics and programs and two good levels.

The first program is the J2E Creator, a helpful program for people who want to make episodes.

Then there is JCS INI upgrade by Kax. It’s not very impressive, but still a nice update.

And there is a nice music file called Jazz 3D Title song by Dr Eggman.

There is a nice CTF level with a lot of eye candy and a simple layout, it’s called Unknown Garden

However, there is still one level that I would like to mention. It’s a Race level, and this Race level is already a few months old. The author finally uploaded it to J2O, while this level was a ‘TOP SEKRET’ level. The level is called Nature’s Plot of Land and it’s made by Ragnarok. He gets the featured download for his level.

When you start to play this level, you’ll notice that the circuit is like a circle. Not many Race levels have this. There are not many shortcuts, but with some skill you can get to the other side by using RF(somewhere in the beginning) Now I’m going to describe the circuit. You shouldn’t take the blue spring and hold right at the start because then you’ll fall. Go right(if you didn’t fall) and destroy the destruct scenery. At the next part you can get to the other side by using RF and with some skill. If you don’t do this, you have to go up and then right. At the far right, you will fall down and then you try to avoid the red springs. The best way to do it is by going to the far right and then go left. However, you shouldn’t go left too fast. After this part you go left, and then you’ll see some water. Keep going left and then you’ll see those things where you have to go through. Go up and left and then enter the tube. Then you finished one :lap. You have to race three laps.

The tileset used is still a bit limited in my opinion, but there are some unique things here and there. The waterfalls for example. They haven’t been made with this tileset yet. If you’ll race through the level you won’t see many things because it’s so fast, but you’ll notice the waterfalls for sure. If you want to explore the level without racing you’ll notice some other things. So, the eye candy is actually really good. The caves from the tileset aren’t overused. Nice background by the way: it has an interesting colour.

Then comes the placement. There are some Power-Ups to make it more fun, those are hard to get and they slow you down. The Gun8 Power-Up is on pos 32,9, and you can reach it by using a spring that gets you up. For some people it might be a bit hard. The RF Power-Up is at 103,16, and you can get it with Gun9. You will find that at the end of the circuit. The ammo placement is normal for a Race level, there are some freezers and RFs, but mostly Bouncers. And Gun9 at the end of the circuit, like I said.

So, this was the Featured Download of June. A bit disappointing, although I can understand why people don’t upload a lot. But now it’s almost vacation(for me at least) so then there is more time to make levels!

- DarkSonic


SPAZ18 on 2 Jul 2007 at 23:01

Congrats Ragnarok! :D
I played this race level and I liked it. I might review it sometime.

Lets hope we get better downloads in July.

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