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5 Aug 2007 at 22:31

What are you exactly doing in the Jazz community?

I play and support the game actively! – 30 Votes (31%)

_I’m more into level design and interesting gameplay theories_ – 32 Votes (33%)

I’m not really actively involved in the game (anymore), I hang around at the misc forums and #jj2 and stuff – 23 Votes (24%)

I’ve never been into JJ2, but I hang around because the community is enjoyable – 3 Votes (3%)

imma lurker :——) – 9 Votes (9%)

Total votes: 97

Well, this leaves us with about 70 people who still enjoy the game :| I was expecting a better turn out; but hey, at least no one can call us a “fifty people big community” anymore, especially with more or less 20-30 people who still hang around ;)
22:15:52 | (cooba) how is this: “What would you do if JJ2 became open source?”
22:17:00 | /notice #jj2 pokes
22:17:06 | (nakke) AUGH
22:17:14 | (Mamaluigi) I got poked?
22:17:15 | (iCeD) wwhat the
22:17:19 | (Torkell) seems good

- cooba


niek on 13 Aug 2007 at 13:59

I love the new poll idea. I don’t think Jazz2 will be open source so soon, but if it will, I would sure help fixing the known bugs.

huuuer on 7 Sep 2007 at 13:19

jazz jack rabbit 4

character creator,boss editor

level editor edition version 4

jj4!_________ (——) ( . ) ( — )_____—3 ————

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