Lauch TSF Games from GIP Scripts

25 Dec 2004 at 22:47

I got fed up with not being able to use the Games in Progress Script to launch TSF games so I decided to standarize a “.j2si” file format that will launch TSF games directly. Also, in the spirit of the season I made a patch that fixes “.j2i” files for all you people who can’t join games directly from online scripts. Read all about this and download the patches here.
Hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.

- Bobby aka Dizzy


Slaz on 26 Dec 2004 at 07:07

Didn’t know, but i always start online games from the JJ2 Server list that is in the game.

Blackraptor on 27 Dec 2004 at 10:01

I used to use gip all the time before I used JJ2 to connect to servers. Maybe since this has been done I’ll start using it again :)

blurredd on 27 Dec 2004 at 17:49

All gip needs is a way to let players keep the colors they set up in the game.

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