Bash Radio

13 Aug 2004 at 23:48

It was a huge success last time. And thus Shadow is doing it again: Bash Radio.

When it’s online, it can be found at Http://

To listen it, you need some audio program like Winamp, Quintessential Player or Windows Media Player. There are also various sound tools on Linux you should be able to listen to radio with.

Up status: DOWN.

- Fquist


Cazz NP on 14 Aug 2004 at 00:02

I go on the Bash server and pull a prank by going on as The Server, and now IcEd, or whatever, is getting credit for it. Meh.

ElectroPiZZa on 14 Aug 2004 at 14:59

Oh yes. This should be fun.

ElectroPiZZa on 14 Aug 2004 at 15:04

Oh wait, that was yesterday. Boo.

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