J2O commands for Yubnub

22 Jun 2005 at 01:21

Yubnub is a “social command line for the web” which can be installed on the popular Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, and certain other browsers. When installed, it provides the user with the ability to enter commands to quickly go to places on the web, or search for things on a variety of sites (google, allmusic, amazon and wikipedia for example)

I’ve added two commands to Yubnub that might be useful to Jazz2Online visitors:

j2oSearches Jazz2Online for %s using Google
j2ogoSearches Jazz2Online for %s using Google and automatically goes to the first result. This can be used if you want to go somewhere fast.

Why’s this useful? Because it allows you to quickly go to places on Jazz2Online using your browser url or search bar. This may aid you in finding your way around Jazz2Online faster. Some examples of things you can do on the yubnub command line:

j2o Persian Paradise – Searches Jazz2online for the string “Persian Paradise”. The first returned result is Disguise’s popular tileset with this name.
j2o CTF Codes – Somewhere in these results is the article about CTF Codes that is located in the articles section.
j2ogo pictures – Takes you to our pictures section.
j2ogo links – Takes you to our links section.
j2ogo profile Derby – Takes you to your favourite administrator’s Jazz2Online profile page.
j2ogo necessary downloads – Gets you to the page that contains all the patches for Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

For some things these commands can come in quite handy. Google does not always find you the best results though. It’s hard googling for someone’s pictures, for example. But it’s something.

- Fquist


Nimrod on 22 Jun 2005 at 01:58

Good work Quist, very useful :)

WvA on 23 Jun 2005 at 19:26

j2ogo profile Derby – Takes you to your favourite administrator’s Jazz2Online profile page.

lol =P

BúññyÉlmér on 24 Jun 2005 at 19:08

Page up is my short key to the UT taunt “useless”

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