The Bash is on

6 Apr 2012 at 16:55

The Bash is now over.

Download the level packs HERE!

Battle List:

1. Officials vs. Competitors #20 by cooba
2. Scorpio Key by Violet CLM
3. Moonlit Harbor by Ragnarok
4. The Impossible Metropolis by cooba
5. Tidal Towers by Darksonic
6. Frozen Lake by Snooze
7. Rural Mountains by ThunderWalker
8. Eye of the Storm by OLC
9. There’s Mithril in them Hills! by Quickz
10. Exit Sandland by Olsen
11. Doomed Citadel by CelL
12. Battle1OS by FireSworD
13. Alienation: Abridged by Blackraptor and cooba
14. Firebreather by Snooze
15. Peculiar Purple Peak by Ragnarok
16. Atlantis Cathedral by Loon
17. First Strike by BlurredD
18. WTF? by Snooze
19. Delta Halo by Loon
20. Fall Era by FireSworD
CTF List:

1. Veli Hopea by Snooze
2. Tyuka’s Realm Forsaken by FireSworD
3. Chemistry Lab by Lynx
4. Frontier Falls by FawFuL
5. Black Jack by SuperJazz
6. Fukushima by Loon
7. Dusk of Serenity by Ragnarok
8. This level is….gold! GOLD!! by DarkSonic
9. Antiquity by Snooze
10. Unknown Ruins by Loon
11. Escape from Precint 83 by CelL
12. Server Sometimes Wins by BlurredD
13. Post-Apocalypse office by Jake
14. Big Apple Beatdown by Ragnarok
15. Proteus by Laro
16. Medium by Snooze
17. Games: Alive Sky-High by FireSworD
18. Mechanical Magma Machine by DS
19. 8th Heaven CTF by FawFuL
20. The Pit by CelL

- cooba


Love & Thunder on 8 Apr 2012 at 20:33

It’s a shame that the 4 days of the Bash are also the 4 days of Easter so we won’t get as many people as we would otherwise. :( Oh well, good luck to all! And here’s to another year of Jazzing and the next version of Windows supporting JJ2!

Zoro on 30 Apr 2012 at 08:25

OMG!!! “WTF” is in the levellist <3
Always good to see new AB :D

DennisKainz on 11 Sep 2012 at 13:36

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