Epic planning next-gen oldies?

30 Mar 2006 at 20:17

In an interview with gaming news-site Shacknews the CEO of Jazz Jackrabbit’s producer Epic Games, Mark Rein, revealed that Epic has been thinking about bringing their old franchises (Jazz Jackrabbit, Jill of the Jungle) to next-generation consoles using the Unreal 3 Engine (which, might I add, looks totally awesome). Especially this excerpt (which is also the only one mentioning Jazz Jackrabbit) is interesting:

It wouldn’t be possible to bring Jazz, the old original Jazz code which was a lot of assembly code, to Xbox Live Arcade but that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t bring the characters and ideas and stick them into Unreal Engine 3. We do have a few Unreal Engine 3 casual game projects under way. Not us, personally, but licensees. We’re excited about that, and Sony’s service that they talked about, so I think you will see a lot of cool stuff brought to Xbox Live Arcade using Unreal Engine 3. It’s certainly a lot more efficient than what people were using before. Whether any of that is old content or not, I don’t know. I want to see a new Jill of the Jungle game in UE3. I mean, it’s our IP, so who knows.

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n0 on 30 Mar 2006 at 21:59


Black Ninja on 30 Mar 2006 at 22:13


Still, that is very exciting news. I really hope that if there is a new Jazz game that it’ll be truer to the original(s) than the GBA game was.

Birdie on 30 Mar 2006 at 22:53

This si exiting, But it makes me wonder if i’ll buy an Xbox just for this game that might not exist.

Xtreem on 30 Mar 2006 at 23:08

Sweet! Jazz on my 360 :):)

Stijn on 30 Mar 2006 at 23:35

Old? This interview is from, uhm, yesterday.

Violet CLM on 31 Mar 2006 at 00:02


ÄÉæÛÕ on 31 Mar 2006 at 01:51

Does it have to be XBox!

Bartman on 31 Mar 2006 at 02:37

I agree, I’m planing to get a Revolution, myself.

In fact I was thinking about Jazz for the DS, what with the touch screen that could be used for a level editor, and the Wifi connection to trade and play on user made levels online and stuff…

A man can dream though…

Joseph Collins on 31 Mar 2006 at 05:56

perk Jill of the Jungle? Ya got my attention… Man, how come that series didn’t have near the fanbase this series does? Same question for KiloBlaster, or Solar Winds, actually…

Black Ninja on 31 Mar 2006 at 06:02

K, I’m a bit less sleep-baked now, so I’ll post something that’s been bothering me regarding what systems such a game would be released on.

The Xbox 360 AND the PS3 have big-name games based on the Unreal 3 engine, Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 2007, respectively. What Unreal Engine powered game is coming for the Revolution? None at all.

Thus, my conclusion is that, unless something changes, we can expect a release on the PS3 and the 360 if such a game is made.

tazar on 31 Mar 2006 at 10:00

So they will let down PC users, aah… I should be happy about it, but there’s no chance I will ever get an XBox 360. It will cost twice more money as my monthly fee.

Haze on 31 Mar 2006 at 11:52

Read the article, people. No, it doesn’t have to be XBox, unless you’re talking “Gears of War” which so far has only been announced as an XBox360 exclusive. No, PC users wouldn’t be let down as Epic’s strength lies in their cross-platform combination of toolkit and engine (UE3). UE3 powered games on the Revolution? Only a rumor so far, having to do with an add put out by a company looking for employees.

CrimiClown on 31 Mar 2006 at 14:06


WaterRabbit on 31 Mar 2006 at 14:26

Cool. Except I don’t have an XBOX and probably never will.

cooba on 31 Mar 2006 at 20:37

…“doesn’t have to be XBox”

Sacrush on 31 Mar 2006 at 22:16

Im not cheering yet, Il just wait when it is officially released as announced doesn’t always needs to be good news, Jazz jackrabbit 3 for example.

blurredd on 1 Apr 2006 at 05:08

But from the looks of it, they just might make a good game instead.

Jarno vos on 2 Apr 2006 at 17:52

I hope they will make an PC version too!

NovaStar on 8 Apr 2006 at 23:48

But now I have to get an Xbox… lucky my skating friend has one, he can get it! =D

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