Jazz Creation Station - Index

Jazz Creation Station, more commonly known as JCS, is a level creation studio that comes with Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It can be found in your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 folder under the name of JCS.exe if you have the full version. The following are links for both beginners and experts to various resources that are interesting, useful, or notable for some other reason.

Enjoy and have fun level-making! When you've made something you like (it may take a few tries--that's normal) feel free to upload it to the Downloads section for some constructive criticism!

J2O Features about JCS


  • Jazz2Online mod archive - A browsable list of all background music available from J2O, with quick links to other levels using the same music. If you can't find a good background tune here, chances are you'd have to compose it yourself!
  • jcs.REF - The most recent JCS tutorial project, and probably the largest.
  • Disguise's Tileset Resource - The biggest site about tilesets. Everything you'd want to know about making tilesets (in Paint Shop Pro) is located here.
  • Howto JCS - An in-depth levelmaking site made by Ninja Dodo, Newspaz, and Electric Ir.
  • J2LC - Jazz 2 Level Creators
  • The Last Dodo Habitat - Features levels and tilesets and Ninja Dodo's well-known Lost World pack.


  • JCS.ini Upgrade - Ninja Dodo's version of the JCS.ini file enables trigger zones and TSF/Holiday Hare enemies. Recommended for every JCS user.
  • 1.23 JCS Patch - Overlord's patch allows 1.23 JCS to load 1.24 (TSF) JCS levels. Helpful if you are quickly converting a level, although not recommended for long-term use.
  • German JCS.ini - This file, by sonictth, translates all JCS events into German for easy use.
  • JCS Extra Stuff - Labratkid's look at all sorts of things the JCS designers didn't want you to but you can do. Recommended only for intermediate and expert JCSers.

Suggestions for sites can be sent to FQuist, Trafton, or any other site editor.