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Permalink WHOA! November 25th 2009

ZOMG! You guys are taking nostalgia to the max! I can’t believe Jazz Jackrabbit still has such an active community! I just wanted to say that you guys are really awesome, I remember playing this all the time when I was a kid. You guys really made my day!

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Permalink Features: JJ2 Item System... December 27th 2009

Hello dear JJ2 players …
Today’s new “JJ2 Online” plug-in intended for the “Item-Pickup” system to the game plan to add.
To do this, half of the game “Browser-play”, half “In-game Play” will do. So we’ll play the game and things to see and account information of our “browser” will use.
About System
- This system will become a better game
- For this system, “WOW-item Database” called “World of Warcraft” game used in the “item” system will use.
- Those “WoW” who play the system knows the item and the system make it play pretty good…

Example Items

The New Item System

My favourite item on JJ2!

My work on the JJ2 today…
Please write comments…
The Death Knights Guild
(We guild’s name has changed – we do not like our name players had)

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