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Permalink Absurd. July 11th 2009

I was browsing GameFAQs in my free time, and was very surprised to see an article titled, The Top 10 Rabbits in Video Games. I was even more disappointed when I realized that Jazz Jackrabbit was #3. That’s right. NUMBER THREE. Some jerk named Max, who’s ever heard of him, got number two. Who cares. And number one. READER RABBIT? Like, REALLY? Reader Rabbit? I mean, I loved that game when I was a kid, but… Anyway, that’s just ridiculous, but if anyone is interested, the article is here:


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Permalink Anonymous Tournament December 3rd 2009

Feel like playing something new? While most tournaments offer just battle or CTF duels, in the BlitzAnon tournament you will be allowed to play any game mode of your (or of your opponent’s) choice. A big role is given to chance.(Levels/game modes are randomly chosen if players are unable to agree on anything)

And for the fun element, you’ll duel under a fake identity. Nobody will know who you are but you won’t know who you are against either.
Another keyword is fast. Most big contests fail because people get bored of them and start delaying their matches. You will just play one singe game against your opponent in the fastest way possible.

I would definitely recommend you at least having a look at the tournament at JCF .
So, if you want to try something new and exciting then the BlitzAnon tourney is the one to choose.

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