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Permalink Jazz Jackrabbit 2 in sub 20 minutes? You what? August 17th 2015

Source: YouTube

Greetings Jazzers!

Earlier this year I’ve stumbled upon some new speedrun activity for Jazz2.In my own excitement I searched and shared some of my own strategies to help boost the Jazz2 speedrun community. I found some and managed to share them through e-mail contact. Using these newly introduced skips combined with their own strategies, the game rapidly developed for speedrunning.

A couple of months passed and one the talented and persistent speedrunners, BinaryBlob (also known as Niklash92), recently managed to beat the single player in under 20 minutes! This is insanely fast and I never thought it would be possible that the game could be beaten in this time. It is a true milestone indeed… You should definitely check out his skill and methods with the rabbit.

It would be nice to subscribe to the man to show some love for his dedication.

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