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Wall jump 1.0 November 09, 2018 18:38
Lets all rabbit players slide down walls and jump off of them, similar to the wall jump mechanics in Hollow Knight.
Swinging Vines with a Sync parameter 1.0 August 06, 2018 01:36
Lets you add a Sync parameter to Swinging Vines in JCS.ini (or the MLLE equivalent), akin to the one on platforms and spike bolls, so that vines will reliably be at predictable positions relative to one another.
No Buttstomp Bumpers 1.0 June 13, 2018 21:01
Removes the ability to buttstomp through pinball bumpers.
Working FastFeet as food (like jj1) 1.0 February 19, 2013 19:18
Replaces any kind of object (change variable OBJECT::APPLE) to fast feet. It will add jump height per taken fast feet to a certain amount of maximum jump height set. This works like the jump upgrade in JJ1.