Review by Ionutzmovie

21 Jun 2009, 12:22
For: Jungle Race
Level rating: 6.8

Gameplay: weird. This map is more like a swimming race rather then a fast race. It is like a jungle survival map. The lenght of the map 6,0

Weapons:I saw few weapons and I agree Shen that “where you go along some lilies to get some bouncy-bullet ammo, then realise you have to go all the way back again because you missed an entrance.” The positioning of the ammo wasn’t so inspired. Some freezer was welcomed also.4.5

Music: I liked the music and I thinks it suits well with a jungle race level, but the music could be more faster. 7,0

Tileset: The tileset seem to be original and made by yourself. I liked that animals and also the animation of them. 8,5

Overall: It is a medium lenght race and a pretty har one.
Total: 6,5

RecommendedReview by Ionutzmovie

21 Jun 2009, 02:18
For: T-Race1
Level rating: 8.5

Gameplay: The Gameplay is really interesting. The map seems to be for a medium leght. I think is perfect for 2 players. 9.0

Weapons:I saw some springs, freezers and TNT. You positioned your ammo in good places. 9.5

Eyecandy: Good but I think you can do more at this chapter.8.0

Music: I liked the music and I thinks it suits very well with JJ2 music. 9.5

Originality: 9,5

Overall: Good race level made with seriousness. Worth downloading. I didn’t played for a long time a good custom race map like this.

Total: 9,1

RecommendedReview by Ionutzmovie

21 Jun 2009, 01:51
For: Molecular speed
Level rating: 7.9

Gameplay: I enjoyed playing your race map. I see that you based on a original JJ2 map. The length of the race is good. Also I think it’s a pretty hard map. 8.0

Weapon / ammo placement /obstacles
I saw you put ice gun ammo witch are very helpful in a race. The rest of the weapons was positioned in key spots 9.0. The map was build very tricky . 9.0

There are a few bugs like getting stuck in some blocks or some missing things but in overall is quite good . 7.5

This music is too peaceful and quite for a race. In a race the best music is a fast one 4.5

Originality: Considering that is based on a older map, but you transformed pretty good in a race map. 9.0

Total: 7,6

Not recommendedReview by Ionutzmovie

21 Jun 2009, 01:27 (edited 21 Jun 09, 01:37)
For: Egypt Race
Level rating: 2.7

I think the gameplay is very easy. Also the map is too short, you can finish the race in 7 seconds. 1.5

Weapon / ammo placement:
This race level didn’t have at all weppons. 1.0

The only obstacles were the tiles. 1.2

This map have a bug that causes you to fall in the tiles. In rest is good. 4.0

The music was almost perfect for an “Egypt” level 7.0

Backrounds and Tiles: I didn’t understand why you put a blue backdrop, and just a single visible pictures. 2.0