RecommendedReview by Murderbeam

3 Oct 2009, 17:35
For: Green Hill Zone 2009
Level rating: 7.4

This is a pretty good tileset of something that’s pretty obivous: It’s a remake of the first zone in the first Sonic the hedgehog game. The tileset itself is pretty good graphically, and the masking is good as well. There’s plenty of variety in the eyecandy tiles, from your standard background tiles to totem poles, and a few other things that are pretty cool looking. It even has invisible tiles, for you reverse-gravity fanatics out there.

But like everything, it has flaws. Perhaps the most obivous one is the jagged, brown zigzag thing that seems to be mountains. But that isn’t much of a problem. Some tiles seem unused and left blank, perhaps they could have been used for a waterfall animated tile, instead of being left as empty space.

Download recommendation: Yes. It’s actually pretty good. I’d use this tileset, save the jagged brown….thing.

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