RecommendedQuick Review by Obi1mcd

22 Jan 2012, 17:44
For: [SS3]Dungeon Paradise
Level rating: 8.3

Nice eyecandy, gameplay is fine, music fits well. Download recommended.

Review by Obi1mcd

28 Sep 2011, 05:23 (edited 28 Sep 11, 18:03)
For: Pezrock (upload 4)
Level rating: 7.7

It looks quite nice, but I really think you should have added more before uploading this.

EDIT: And… You’re updating it? If you wanted to show it off before it was finished, there’s a thread on the forums for that… =/

RecommendedReview by Obi1mcd

27 Mar 2011, 17:24 (edited 27 Mar 11, 18:09 by cooba)
For: Medvio
Level rating: 9.2

Well, MedvioD. I’m assuming that this is the next in a series of conversions like CrysilisV and RaneforusV, and it’s quite reasonable, too. However, it isn’t quite as good as the aforementioned conversions, mostly because of some clashing art.

For the most part, it’s quite a useful Medivo conversion, with plenty of eyecandy, and loads of possibilities, as shown in the main example level. However, several of the tiles stand out, such as the larger bricks, which seem badly blurred. Also, I can’t seem to figure out exactly why there’s a warping spaz animation in the set. There isn’t much destruct scenery, either, and it’s quite low-quality compared to the rest of the set, sadly. Perhaps the set could have been expanded to include more destruct scnery, or useful tiles like H and V-poles. Some of the tiles in the background need to be flipped, which I dislike somewhat, especially if there’s space for pre-flipped variants. There are 870 tiles in the set, so there would have been room.

Apart from these flaws, however, it is still quite a good set. It has a nice variety of tiles, plenty of animations, and is a good choice for a castle-themed level. An 8.5 and a download reccomendation.

RecommendedReview by Obi1mcd

19 Jul 2010, 08:17
For: Blizzard
Level rating: 8.9

I quite liked this set, and thought that I’d do a full review for it.

First off, and probably most important, graphics. While a few people are saying the set looks too much like Traditional Japan, I like the cartoony style and don’t have any problems with it. The tiles don’t look grainy or poor quality, the animations are quite smooth, and overall the set has a nice feel to it. Also, the background looks great.

Next comes usability. The tiles are quite well organized, and it’s pretty simple to see how they link together. However, the set seems to rely quite a bit on using layer 5. A tree, for example, has a masked section in the middle of it, and if you want to have the whole tree unmasked (like in the example level) you have to put the tile in layer 5. Other things like having icicles transparent need layer five as well. The snow event doesn’t really work, so animated tiles are included instead. Poles and trees don’t work, though the pinball events do.

After that, there are a few other issues. The background seems empty, as one layer is used for the coastline and the other for clouds. The masking, which is better than some sets, is still inconsistent in some areas, like vines and hooks. A few tiles are from Traditional Japan, and the textured background is the generic carrotus one. The tileset still has some good extras though, like the falling icicles.

Overall, I’d give this set an 8.5 and a download recommendation.

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