RecommendedReview by Sly

24 Feb 2022, 18:47
For: EmeraldusV
Level rating: 8.9

Thank god I’ve stumbled across this download lately! The gameplay mechanics akin to the OG Sonic games is the definition of neatness on the highest level. I especially loved the part where you do the loop thing, as well as when at certain speed you can stick to the vertical and semi-vertical surfaces, which reinforce the Sonic feeling even more. The boss fight is literally the best one I’ve had playing a JJ2 level.

What I kinda disliked was the fact that the enemy placement was occasionally cruel and unforgiving. Like, you are running like you just don’t care and enjoying yourself and then BAM! you just ram into a group of baddies, inevitably losing all your ri… I mean gems. Also, there were sometimes some spots at which the floor layer blended with the still background one, which was slightly confusing and led to me hurting myself because I didn’t actually know whether I was supposed to land on something or not.

Apart from the cons mentioned, the whole experience was totally great and I wish Violet released even more levels like that (maybe even the whole series, hee hee).

Def recommended

Review by Sly

24 Jan 2022, 11:46
For: Jazz Jackrabbit 2,5 - The Big Rescue (Part 1)
Level rating: 8.4

Hey! Thank you very much for all the reviews given by each of you!

I really appreciate the fact you enjoyed it, as well as all the criticism towards some of the issues! It surely gave me much advice for the future and motivated me to create more!


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