RecommendedReview by djdjukic

7 Jul 2007, 12:46 (edited 7 Jul 07, 12:48)
For: Tomb Rabbit v1.23.2 (updated)
Level rating: 9.3

Well, I just had to see why does this level have 10010 downloads. The beautiful eyecandy and 18 levels approve this to some point, but the levels are for playing, not for watching.

Here it goes:

Gameplay: 7.5
Traps, tons of enemies, puzzles… in fact, every level is a big puzzle. There is not much fighting, but you will die many times. You need to save a lot, but you can’t. Still, a lot of effort is put into it and that’s nice. Every tile in every single level is used cleverly. There isn’t any waste in space (unlike the official levels), and it makes the level look nice and finished. However, you’ll get bored very quickly.

Difficulty: 5.0
Easy is Hard, Medium is Hard+, and Hard is Hard++. I think that I’m going to need to buy a new J key because of all those cheats. I play JJ2 for fun, not for frustration. Need I say more?

Originality: 10.0
I think I only saw one other level that original. New enemies, scrolling credits… Just the idea of exploring lost temples and pyramids is, well, original.

Tileset: 9.5
The tilesets are great, customized for the level. This is an example when the tileset is made for the level, not level for the tileset. However, there are only three tilesets used (including the credits tileset) and one more tileset would fulfill the pack.

Eyecandy: 10.0
One word: EXCELLENT. Layers are used properly and I appreciate that.

Satisfication: 3.0
Ok, the boringness seals the deal. The pack is worth playing, but a little bit of difference between the levels would be nice.

OVERALL SCORE: 7.5+5+10+9.5+10+3/6=7.5

Download recommendation: Yes. It’s worth a try (a download). You have to see how do you like the pack yourselves.

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