Review by BæÅüMàÑ

Posted more than 18 years ago
For: Cool Text v6.6.3
Level rating: 8.1

pretty much, as u can tell, i love this prog… it’s an easy way to type in kewl stuff. It has all the kewl text stuff, custimizible saved messages, some other kewl progz that do other stuff… it even has Hotkeys, which are really useful, i might add… hmmmmmmm… one thing i think it needs though, is an easier way to switch it from 1.23/1.24 to off. if there was an easier way, then i prolly woulda given it a higher rating… also it kinda lacks in… moveability, or at least IMO, heh. also could use some improvement in the L337 text… he included the numbers… but theres some other stuff in most other L337 texts. anyhow, i didn’t give it anything higher cause everyone woulda thought Spazzyman said to give him a 9 or a 10 :p. Main Point: this is a MUST DOWNLOAD. If u don’t download it, ur not L337, ur just 5700PID :p