RecommendedReview by Ithladore

16 Apr 2005, 02:42
For: Rabbit Honor Guard
Level rating: 9.5

Man, this is AWESOME! I just don’t understand the episodes part. Is it supposed to tell you when you finish an episode? If it’s supposed to, somethin must be wrong with my Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game. I also loved the battle levels in “The Fortress”. This has got to have been the best(and longest) thing I have downloaded yet. Rabbit Honor Gaurd is excelent, but a bit hard. That doesn’t change my rating though. I like challenges.

Review by Ithladore

9 Apr 2005, 18:45
For: High to Low
Level rating: 3.9

Sorry, I accedentally said this was a multiplayer instead of a battle. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am going to be changing that.

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