RecommendedReview by Emerald Spaz

12 Mar 2006, 17:53
For: The Lab has a Leak
Level rating: 5.6

Its a good level, especially for a first level. Its got a design that is ok, but a bit confusing, I thought you couldn’t get back to the start to get the coin until I worked out how to get there again.

That was by ‘leaking’ the water out into the lab. A nice touch, it definately showed that the lab ‘had a leak’ and going to the start and up again ‘pulled the plug’ shall we say? Making the players able to walk around as normal again. 5

Another nice touch was the pipes that went in and out of existance, and thats sign was right, I nearly went through the floor XD. 5 again

There was one of the flaws, but it wasn’t too annoying, the text on the sign, just a little tip: put two @ before you enter the text, it will move the text down two lines. -0

Second flaw is a set of fastfires, but they were hard to get to and didn’t respawn, except for 3 :/ thats why I ain’t removing 2, just one. -1

Last but not least, the pipes, They were both good, and not good, good cause they blocked the fastfires until I found out how to get past, and not good cause I got sort of sick of them stoping me >_> -1

Total score; 8 :D

Good level
Nice design
Great use of trigger zones

Fastfires, some respawning, some not.
Pipes stop you too many times

So great design, just ned to slow down the pipes a little.

RecommendedReview by Emerald Spaz

12 Mar 2006, 17:05
For: Mega Megatropolis
Level rating: 9.5


Loads of great tiles! I could never, ever make something as brilliant as this!

Only one flaw, I wanted t have a sloping roof but there wasn’t a flat roof to slope transition piece, sdo I’m removing .3

but other than that, it just needs 5 words


;D Tata for now! ;D

RecommendedReview by Emerald Spaz

12 Mar 2006, 15:54
For: Jazz Sprite Dynamite
Level rating: 9.7

This Rocks!

I just messed around and now I have red normal blaster shots, YAY!

And now I have easier to see TNT _

But I hate the fact it doesn’t have the ability return a whole animation caused I nearly totally screwed up my bullet >_<

now all we need is a weapon/event editor :D