RecommendedReview by Wolfiend

8 Sep 2008, 14:06
For: Mario World tileset
Level rating: 7.2

To begin this tileset is a weary good job! I Love it! I am happy to review such a promising tileset! Excelent job!

This is good what done in it so far but needs a lot more stuff, so it can be used for a long single player. Its rare to see such a well made Mario tileset, usually they are bad. I tell you to keep working on it!
Nice the blocks and characters are big as they should be and this makes them easy to use. I love that you put in some character tiles people usually put in a few. You should put in more too. The tiles are made pretty well, just extend it with a lot more.
I didn’t find any, but this isn’t say that it can’t have any! Always look for bugs multiple times!
I am experienced with eye candy in Mario tilesets and I say it haves just enough what a mario tileset needs. But there is no to much in eye candy so just put in much as you can.
Its just to short need more stuffs! A lot more stuffs!


More and more stuff in it! Put in much as you can! You do it really great so continue working on it promise me this!



Review by Wolfiend

26 Apr 2008, 09:24
For: Episode One: The Invasion of Deserto
Level rating: 9.1

Invasion of Deserto…
I remember for it, its the greatest sp series ever made! It have a really amazing built and holds a lot of stuff what other level makers could learn a lot from it. I remember that I learned a tons of tricks from it like pits, wall spikes, and of course the Rocket Turtle. I really recommend for everyone because you can learn from it so much! It is really one of the best series that ever made!

Quick Review by Wolfiend

25 Apr 2008, 15:45 (edited 25 Apr 08, 15:46)
For: Green Hills, Green Chills
Level rating: 7.1

It was a little simple level for me and it didn’t hold much action for me. Didn’t holds secret areas, extra eyecandy like non moving totems flowers on layer 3 and it holds not much pickups what make it a little boring. It spouse to be Sonic like, but it was more have a feeling of an enemy less just another jj2 level feeling.

Review by Wolfiend

4 Sep 2007, 12:39
For: Beware of Elvin!
Level rating: 6.2

Big level which can be use for battle or Single player(I think, the uploader didn’t wrote much info about it)
You move in a big area full of enemies and you have to find trigger crates to enter new places. It have have lot of good and lot of bad ideas. I see that you work hard on this level, I remember when I work on my first levels what a big work was it. Nice idea creating a multiple level but the poor event placement and the no eyecandy make it boring quickly.You put enemies every free space nearly which is not smart move. You have to listen better at these things.

Try learn from others work to learn tricks and other things.

RecommendedReview by Wolfiend

21 Aug 2007, 10:03 (edited 22 Aug 07, 20:56)
For: Megaman-II-Metelman
Level rating: 7.0

Hmm a Mega Man tileset, these are rare! Mostly only Mario tileset we got.
Its weary good peace of work. Its totally like the real Mega Man 2’s Metalman and Bubbleman stage(and I know it how it is look like, I played mmm1 to x8).
Tile set:8.0
Perfect just like the real one and its not hard to use! But you should put in more things like more enemies or items.
Example lvl:6.0
Good its have everything you need to know what it is. But you shoud put an example for Bubbleman too.

Super work! I hope you make more
Download recommendation: Yes! A must see for all Mega Man fan.

Bonus comment:
Perhaps other will give smaller rate but with this tile set you can reconstruct the 2 Mega Man II level.

Review by Wolfiend

12 Apr 2007, 09:42
For: Singing in the Rain
Level rating: 1.9

This is weary interesting lvl for me! Its good to hear that new people is interested in lvl making.
The only problem was for me is its TOO EMPTY. No eyecandy! Putting a good look for a lvl highly increase it’s score. You don’t put too many enemy on the lvl and thats a pretty good thing coz most people allergic to lot of enemy, and by the way don’t make to dark lvls too. Make your lvl’s creative with cool ideas like bosses which can be only defeated with some trick. You should go and search for lvls with high score(I recommend from 7score), you can learn from them manny things. You should look at some of the articles too!
And don’t worry about if you get small score, I start with 1.7 and today I get 7.7

RecommendedReview by Wolfiend

24 Oct 2006, 10:20
For: Stonar Funk
Level rating: 8.4

The begining not good but after that its really gooooood!!! You make it wearry nice. I dont think its too colourful. The rythm is really nice. Weary enjoyable music, its one of the best musics I ever heard.
Keep it up!!! ;)

Its really deserve 8.5, my problem with it is I cant find out on what kind of lvl it woud be good. But its really good for listening!!

Download recommendation? OF COURSE!!

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