Not recommendedReview by Kalle[PoL]

17 Jul 2007, 12:14 (edited 18 Jul 07, 20:50)
For: Knock 'Em Off!
Level rating: 2.0

hmmmm, that looks as if you have spent really a lot of time into this project. ;)
But seriously… It isn’t that special. The eyecandy isn’t bad, but it could have been also much more interesting. The cave looks way too linear in my opinion.
The idea of pushing the other into the lava isn’t too good either. Espacially because you can avoid falling down very easy on this arena.. Maybe you could place some traps (e.g. springs that push you into the lava, collapsing or disappearing scenary,etc). And I think it would be better to make more small platforms, so you need to jump from one platform onto the other. Then this gametype would be more challenging and it would offer some more tactical possibilities.

So for now it really isn’t that great as it sounds in the description.

DR? – Not yet, improve your gametype.

Not recommendedReview by Kalle[PoL]

21 May 2007, 14:07
For: Grayiveris Hell
Level rating: 4.6

Cuz you were a hard-working reviewer in the last time, I think it would be fair if someone rates your level.
So let’s start..
At the first sight I thought this is a good level with nice gameplay… But it’s way too easy in my opinion. At some places it looks like enemies are missing.. (e.g. the shield at the end).
The level is also very linear and there weren’t any spots where I didn’t know the way.
But what I really don’t like about the level, is that you uploaded it unfinished! Did you ever have a look at it or even played it before uploading?
There are many tiles which don’t fit and you forgot some hurt-events on spikes. At some spots it looks as if there was a secret, but there isn’t anything.
The weirdest thing I mentioned was that there was a v-pole on the ground…

These are of course very small things, but it’s a pity that you didn’t fix them before uploading.
For this reason and because the gameplay isn’t too great, I can give you just a 4.5.
If you fix the tile- and eventbugs I will change it to 5.

Download recommendation? Not yet, but when the level is improved.