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28 Sep 2007, 11:34 (edited 28 Sep 07, 14:35 by Cooba)
For: Scraparap [Skrambled Skrap Mix]
Level rating: 8

This is a nice remix. It’s mysterious, and great! Beat builds up to about the 23 seconds, with more and more “instruments” playing. It has a good melody and is energetic.

I hope you make a LOT more songs like these :D

DR: Get it, Get it good.

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14 Aug 2007, 14:13 (edited 17 Aug 07, 12:54)
For: PIT Eragon
Level rating: 3.8

First review! :D Going to review Tileset & level.

I’ve found a few tileset bugs, such as on the city at the bottom. What is the point of the big space in between the two identical cities?

The star could be a bit more star-like on the left bottom side.. The tileset deserves a 8.5.

If you do hit the scen crate, its too easy to fall in after that… Its a little hard to get the crate anyways!
You have to shoot some blocks 23573459762957239573466958 times just for the trig crate thats hard to break anyways because its next to the ceiling.. that means its hard for all chars to break. And whats the point of sticking the p UPs in undestructable blocks ? if you didn’t know how to drill, it would rather… unfortunate. the eycandy was a little over done, with the windows and credits. (Just a note, not including in rating until i get an answer, things with a delay of 5 won’t respawn?) Rating: ~5.5

The gameplay was rather nice and with instagib and team battle it would be fun. Rating, 6.0. DR? Go ahead.

@birdie “When rating tilesets, the level is not included in the rating, the level is just to give the reviewer an idea of how the tileset can be used.”
its not marked as tileset ;\

Review by KolakCC

10 Aug 2007, 13:10
For: Forest server tool
Level rating: 9.1

Please make for TSF

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6 Aug 2007, 15:31 (edited 7 Aug 07, 15:48)
For: JJ2 add-on for mIRC v4
Level rating: 8.2

This add-on is great! I’ll list some Pros.
Level Browser
Server Info
Co-op and Race serve options!
Refresh list
Freezing at level browser (!!!)
Hmm… How do i explain this… ALMOST NONE OF THE BUTTONS WILL STAY WHOLE (!!!!!!!!!)

Level browser is Great! You can see the level and the tileset! Rating: 25

Server info, is ++! You can all of the players on that server, the level name and the fur! (It sometimes doesn’t work…) Rating: 17

Co-op and race options, no more having to pull out controller just to get co-op! Its rather small but deserves a 20!

Shortcuts: Really handy, but it could be hard for new mIRC users. (ex. run “C:\Games\Jazz\jazz2.exe”) It IS great, I give it a 25.

Refresh list: Needs a little bit adjusting to just it perfect but still great. 20.

Freezing at the level browser: Not too bad but you could use some timers to regulate it? -10

Almost none of the buttons fit! a list: the < button Pallette “CL guide” Pallette dialog, etc. THIS IS BAD! -20!!!

25 + 17 + 20 + 25 + 20 _107_ - 10 - 20 -7 80/100.




EDIT: Eww, can’t host co-op w/o adding MEDIUM to the level name?!?!? -7

Review by KolakCC

5 Aug 2007, 10:34
For: Language Translater
Level rating: 8.5

Runtime error, on XP SP 2, 0xc000…

Review by KolakCC

2 Aug 2007, 16:18
For: Pokémon Tileset
Level rating: 1

Is not liking Pokemon a -2.5 punishment? that should be removed.

However, the download is dead, will review it later.

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