Review by WhiteBlaster

20 Mar 2008, 14:25
For: Windmill Country
Level rating: 6.2

Mmmmm… this isn’t very good.
I played only the single player part with Jazz2 TSF.

No, no, no. Awful. Gus’s Multiuse1 can offer lots and lots of opportunities, but you used a really very small part of it. The level is quite flat, even if the backgrounds aren’t so bad. The foregrounds are empty, except for the 3^rd^ layer, that has only technical stuff, like covering the entrance of the secrets. Right about this I noted that they aren’t made perfectly (you can see a part of Jazz’s feet). Also, the last part of the game is full of problems. First, and maybe it isn’t your fault, the villain doesn’t move well here. Second, in the pits you should have placed the CTF Base instead of the hurt event, because you would die immediately, without waiting you to lose all the energy. Third, the StopXscroll events aren’t placed well, because sometimes you may return back and remain exactly on the border, so you can’t move how you should. Only the first problem about the last part is considered in this section (the others have nothing to do with eyecandy, but here I keep them together).
Score: 3.5

Ok, let’s see what does the level contain. First, you start with a dialog between the miller and Jazz/Spaz, in which he says that a villain has stolen his windmill and you have to re-buy it for 100 € (coins); in the second part you start your search; in the last you have to chase the villain and take back the windmill.
Part n°1: I think you only let it go too fast; I would have left less space between the text events and reduced the speed. Nothing particular.
Part n°2: here you have to search 100 coins on your way. Notice that there isn’t any real secret, because you can always see where are the coins. There’s nothing particular until you reach the warp at (111, 46); here you have to zig-zag in order to reach some money and the warp. I don’t like how this part is made: I think you should have placed some rectangles of visible warps instead of walls and some walls at the begin and at the end of that part. After that there’s another interesting thing. Here you have to reach some money by disabling 5 doors: you might choose the right combination. Even if you need some time to realize what is all that stuff, I think it’s made well, except for the way you have to change the combination. Next, you return to the beginning and go in the warp on the villain.
Part n°3: now, you run after the villain without falling into the pits. Here’s another big problem, besides the others: after pos. (51, 9) there’s a sort of gorge to jump over; doing it with spaz is only a matter of luck, because after it there’s a fire column.
Score: 5.8

Maybe it’s the best thing of this level, even if there are some scratches. Very good the idea of a personal boss, of the tubes in the last part of the game and the “SAFE” in the middle part; also, the blue gem at the end of the level is a good idea. But, as I said, there are also some bad things; for example, it’s difficult that when you go to Holland the first person you meet asks you to re-buy his windmill; it’s difficult for the villain to become a haiku poet (whatever it is ;-) ) if you destroy him, it’s too easy to obtain the money, etc.
However I want to encourage you: I believe originality is the most important thing of an episode/level, and I think you are good in this sphere. If you continue to create levels, the eyecandy, the gameplay, etc. will be better and better; just keep on, don’t stop.
Score: 7.8

Ammo and goodies placement
The ammo is very bad, the goodies are quite good.
The only special weapon you have is the TNT, that helps you with the lots of dest sceneries you find. Nothing else.
The goodies, instead, aren’t bad, because the carrot are in a good number.
Score: 5.8

Enemy placement
It’s okay.
There is a generator for each enemy (and I don’t know why).
The pros are: the enemies are homogeneously placed in the level, and they aren’t in contrast with their evinronment
The cons are: there aren’t any skill settings, there are only two kinds of enemies in the whole level (except for the boss, of course).
Score: 6.0


Tip: try to modify your level with the suggestions in the reviews, so you can use it as a model for your future levels.

RecommendedReview by WhiteBlaster

9 Sep 2007, 16:04
For: Cloning Jazz
Level rating: 9

This is one of the best episodes I’ve ever played. Surely, the best thing here is the story: In the first level, you have a little adventure with Jazz, but at the end of the level Jazz falls in a mortal trap. In the second level, Spaz goes searching for Jazz, and he discovers that he’s dead. Next, he tries to use his cloning machine to report him back to life. Surely this is a very original story, and the levels are quite good. I encountered only two bad things here: first, some puzzles are a little hard to solve; second (and this is the worst), I couldn’t save the game, because it always caused the ACCESS VIOLATION error. So, I had no choice, I had to skip all the leves I played yet by cheating, and this is really not a good thing. I had to because the episode is made of 17 LEVELS, I couldn’t play the whole thing in one time. However, I really liked it: download it!