Anniversary Bash

The Anniversary Bash is a yearly event where the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 fans celebrate another year of Jazz by hosting one or two public servers. Because of the arranged nature of the event, usually these servers are much more active than regular servers. For each bash, special level packs are created, featuring the best levels of that year plus some golden oldies. The first year only had a Capture the Flag pack, the following years people added battle packs, because they felt this was an important factor in the history of JJ2.

Not long ago, the community held a special Anniversary Bash for Jazz Jackrabbit 1 to celebrate the brand’s ten year anniversary. This one was special because Jazz became 10 years old.

Sometimes additional events are arranged besides the Bash server(s). Anniversary Bash 6 featured a bash radio with player interviews and music, and the Jazz Jackrabbit 1 Anniversary Bash servers (which hosted large packs and packs with Jazz Jackrabbit 1 remakes) came along with two contests, and the release of Jazz2Online v2 which purposedly coincided with the anniversary.


  • The official Anniversary Bash date is on 9th of April. The bash, which in recent times at least lasts 3 days, is scheduled around this date. Sometimes the date is moved to another day to fit better with the community (ideally, it’s scheduled on weekends)
  • The “Jeh must Die!” phrase was invented by DethMan during AB1. People joined the server with the name “Jehmustdie”, “DieJeh” or anything else that was close to in killing mr Jeh. This was done pure out of fun, not out of hate.
  • Oldies, “legends” and other people that were heavily involved with the community tend to return on this special day. Most Anniversary Bashes see at least a few oldies who show their faces just for that day.

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