The Addon DOG is a JCS event that was supposed to spawn the cat. But instead it spawns the Xmas Bilsy.
The event that spawns the cat is Addon Sparks.

The End Bosses category contains a Xmas Bilsy Boss event, but this doesn’t work. This misplaced event does it instead.

Character details


Xmas Bilsy looks pretty much identical to the normal one. Only differences are the hat and green cape.


Bilsy is the only boss able to teleport across the arena. He will not teleport beyond the range of 10 tiles from the tile which spawned him (from both sides). Bilsy is able to teleport in a wall as well. Bilsy throws pretty fast homing fireballs at the player, which cause 2 hearts of damage. However, when the player floats in air a while before he buttstomps, the fireballs will not do any damage. These fireballs can fly through walls. Also, when the player just jumps above Bilsy, he will not throw a fireball and just teleport to another location.

Enemy Statistics

Times to shoot: 120
Score: 3000
Speed: Teleporting

JCS details

Addon DOG doesn’t have an EndText parameter (unlike the non working Xmas Bilsy Boss event), and therefore it will display text string #0 when killed. However, this can be easily changed by putting the parameter manually into JCS.ini. Putting |EndText:4 will make the the boss work properly.

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