ERE: Categories

In the Earlong Royal Encyclopedia, articles are organized in categories. They allow users to find information about their favourite game (probably Jazz Jackrabbit) by browsing this wiki.

With ERE, it’s not always easy to find a piece of information, so category browsing can be helpful. The hierarchy gives access to many pages, whereas keyword searching can be difficult.

A category can contains subcategories and other entries about the subject. Categories often have a main entry, with the same name as them. However, the category main page can give a short description itself.

Table of Contents

  1. Using categories
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Using categories

To create a new category, create an entry with a name beginning with Category:, for example: Category: My Category.

Entry’s categories have to be put as links in the last line of the entry’s source code. For example: [[Category: Jazz Jackrabbit 2]] [[Category: Multiplayer]].


You can find ERE’s categories by clicking the link All articles on the left of this page or on the main page of the Category namespace.

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