Earlong Royal Encyclopedia

The Earlong Royal Encyclopedia (ERE) is an online encyclopedia, in the form of a wiki, which concentrates itself on various subjects from the Jazz Jackrabbit universe. It is hosted on Jazz2Online.

Table of Contents

  1. Structure
  2. Your role
  3. See also


It contains many articles, organized so:
  • Namespaces gather articles about a specific subject. The default namespace contains all encyclopedic articles.
  • Categories organize articles to allow you to browse ERE more easily.
  • Entries may give information about the subject they have to describe.

All ERE’s articles are here.

Your role

You can contribute to ERE by creating new articles, adding details, explaining new subjects, or especially completing stubs or creating entries wanted by users and administrators. You can also find a list of wanted entries (red links) here.

To edit articles, you must register to Jazz2Online and log in. Then you’ll be able to contribute.

See also

You should immediately read this if it’s not done yet: For further information, see: