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Earlong Royal Encyclopedia (ERE in short) is an encyclopedia that aims at collecting as much information about the Jazz Jackrabbit series and the community that surrounds Jazz Jackrabbit 2 as possible. It’s a collaborative effort: everyone is able and even encouraged to edit and add encyclopedia entries on here.

How Earlong Royal Encyclopedia works

ERE is a so-called wiki. You can see the difference between existant and nonexistant links from their colour. Any entry is editable by clicking on the edit link in the function bar above and below the entry. Edit the text, summarize what you did in the Summary field and your changes are live.

This is what an existant link looks like. This is what a non-existant link looks like.

Another important feature of wikis and also this wiki is that all entries contain links to other, related, entries. Words that might point to other entries of interest are underlined. There are also links with a dashed underline, these mean that there should be a link to an entry there, but the entry does not exist yet. You can click a link like that and start off at an article.

Markup and special features

To create a link, put the keyword you want to link into brackets, like this: [[Jazz Jackrabbit 2]]. This will create a link like: Jazz Jackrabbit 2. For links that have a description that does not match the entry title that is linked to, use the pipe. Like this: [[If you click this text, you’ll be taken to the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 entry|Jazz Jackrabbit 2]]

To create headers in an entry, put them between ==s. Like this: ==Markup and special features==. This will automatically generate a header, and a table of contents at the top of the entry. To use subheaders, use === instead of ==.

For all non-wiki-related markup, the general markup system J2O uses, Textile, is used. You can view the help for that at the text formatting page.

For all information on the syntax you can use at this wiki, consult ERE: Wiki Syntax.

Version History

One thing that might occur with a collaborative effort where everyone is allowed to join in and edit articles is that articles might get badly edited, or vital parts of the article are removed because the person who edited them felt like the part was unnecessary. Or worse: entries are vandalized, with spam or nonsense or the entry being emptied. Or there was some nice information in a previous version of the entry that you want to rephrase and put back. For all these things, there’s the Version History feature. ERE saves all the edits ever made to an entry, and you can view those at anytime using this feature. If you click edit while watching an old version of the entry, you can put that version back by pressing the submit button.

Rules and Guidelines

To have the encyclopedia not turn into a mess, some rules should be adhered. These rules come in addition to the general j2o rules. You should adhere to these on the pages of ERE, naturally.

These are a few things that are in the j2o rules that you should avoid, for example:
  • Levelling insults at people
  • Using coarse language
  • Bypassing the filter
  • Advertising warez or different sites
  • General spamming
  • Posting content with a sexual theme

If you find any of these things, feel free to remove them.

There’s also some rules and guidelines specific to this encyclopedia. It’s very advisable you read this through in full if you intend to make large contributions or add an entry of your own.

In short, the rules and guidelines specific to this wiki are:
  • Be as neutral as possible – You should keep from adding value judgements about what is good or bad or cool to entries. Disguise is a really cool guy is probably a true statement, but it’s a value judgement, and this, being an encyclopedia, should be neutral.
  • Be cooperative – Work with other people, not against them. If you’ve got a conflict, try to solve it through the discussion pages, or ask for the help of a moderator
  • Everything should be written in proper english. Internet slang, unless it’s a definition of a slang term or if it’s contained within a quote, should be avoided. Try to avoid using quotes with a large size.
  • New entries should be created only if they are linked to from another page. This is to keep everything linked together.
  • Entries should be Jazz Jackrabbit or Community-related.
  • No entries about clans that are neither moderately old and/or known should be added, and no entries on non-famous Jazz Jack

For specifics about the rules on this wiki, consult ERE: Rules and Guidelines.