Electro Blaster

The Electro Blaster (sometimes referred to as the EB) is the 9th weapon in Jazz Jackrabbit 2.



It is primarily distinguished by its ability to fire straight through walls, not even being slowed down by them. It is thus unaffected by the Ricochet event, though it will interact with Destruct Scenery just like any other weapon would. It also has the ability to destroy Speed Destruct Scenery when fired at it, or even turtle shells with two ammo.

It is otherwise comparable to the normal Blaster weapon. It has similar range, though it travels somewhat more slowly.


Its Power-Up has no effect beyond that of changing its ammo pickup sprite’s color (and replenishing its ammo).


Electro Blaster is usually used in multiplayer games to hit opponents through walls, as one might expect. However, it is also very useful for obtaining a far-away Power-Up or shield by shooting through a wall at it.

In the OEM versions

The weapon was completely different in the OEM versions of the game. Instead it was the Blade Gun. The Blade Gun is restored by JJ2+, which gives players the option of choosing between it and the Electro Blaster.