Game Information

Game Information gives information about your actual situation in the game.

In Jazz Jackrabbit 1

In Jazz Jackrabbit 1, game information is located at the bottom of the screen, on a special panel with grey background. There’s the number of lives on the left, next to the health gauge. This gauge is green when it is full, blue when you’ve lost a few lives, then orange, red, and completely black. There’s your actual weapon and its ammunition on the right.

In Jazz Jackrabbit 2

In Jazz Jackrabbit 2, you can find information in each corner of the screen.
You can develop it by pressing F9.


With some game types, in JJ2+, it can also display your actual situation (1st, 2nd…) and, if you are the first, the amount of points you got more than the second player (in green), and if you’re not, the amount of points you have to get to become first, in negative (and in red).

If you’ve pressed F9 twice, there’s also:
  • the level name,
  • your actual position.
And, with JJ2+, after an empty line:
  • the actual game type,
  • some special information.


JJ2+ has added information at this corner:
  • It can show the time left in green if autolevellistcycling it is set on, or the pregame time left in orange (with “Pregame” written), or the extended time left in blue (with “Extended” indicated).
  • For the server, it can display “Remote Admin” in orange if it’s set on.


There’s your amount of lives in Coop, Single player and LRS modes.

In multiplayer mode, there’s the chat and the dialogues.


There’s your actual weapon and its ammunition.


If you’ve pressed F9 once, there’s:
  • the players: number, rabbit’s name, score, IP (if F9 twice);
  • with JJ2+, if the server also has it: the amount of times each players got roasted in red in some game types, players’ ping (F9 twice, except with a special configuration), a plus next to their name if they have JJ2+ (F9 twice);
  • the amount of bauds you receive and send.


There can be your amount of gems or coins if you’ve just got one.

If you’ve pressed F9 twice:
  • the actual FPS (number of Frames Per Second);
  • the actual resolution;
  • with JJ2+: the possible maximum resolution;
  • the actual color depth.