The Generator is a special event in JCS. It posesses the event number of 216, can’t be seen in any Event categories, and cannot be placed in any of them.


Using a Generator is an easy process. You simply place an event in JCS, look for the box that says “Create a generator for this event”, and check it. Any attributes of the original event will be replaced with “Delay” and “Event”. This leads to some strange properties. The Delay specifies how long it will take for your object to regenerate, ranging from 0 to 31. However, 0 becomes 5 whenever you use it. Also, when you place a generator over certain objects, you can get some neat effects. For instance, a Trigger Crate with a generator over it will always have an ID of 31. Also, a Spike Boll will set all of it’s properties to be whatever you place in the Delay Section.

The Event textbox determines which event you’re regenerating. Not very useful, but if you put in 0, you’ll have no event, and if you put in 216, you’ll have a Regenerating Generator.

In Single Player, Generators behave regularly except when you move a certain ways off screen. Any event with a generator will respawn no matter how long of a delay it is supposed to have, if you get far enough away from it. It’s generally bad practice to put Generators on ammo, carrots, or coins, but that never stopped people from putting them on Enemies of course.

Important note: When you select to place a generator on an event, you are actually creating a Generator Event beneath the other event. You have two events on the same tile. The Generator event behaves like a regular event, which is expanded on below.

Strange Effects

Because the Generator event is just that, an event, it behaves the same way as normal events on belts. You can actually move a Generator event onto another object, and that object will behave like it had a regenerator event. This leads the belief that Generators work in a much more complicated way than just “Hey, this object is gone! Let’s make new one!” There isn’t much of any idea as to how they work, but obviously Jazz Jackrabbit 2 pays special attention to that event.

In that regard, moving Generator events, combined with other events, leads to a special thing called a Multiple Combination Event, or an MCE for short. You can make special objects with MCE's, some of which are useful, but most of them are bizzare.

Also, you can create a Non-regenerating Generator event, which has a strange attribute. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 can no longer create objects. That means you can’t shoot, Monkeys can’t throw bananas, Devan can’t breath fire, and no other events will respawn.